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Hot Blonde Double Penetrated

OMG! Melissa is a beguiling, blonde, sexual siren, with a sensational body, that could turn on a rock, at 50 paces. Playing a rich bitch, she threatens to fire, the hired help, unless they satisfy, her lecherous longings, which they eagerly do, earnestly licking and fingering, her pussy and asshole, as moans elatedly. With incendiary passions ignited, she ravenously sucks, their colossal cocks, with sluttish gluttony, and impressive oral prowess. Following some furious finger banging, one stud brutishly plows, his horse cock into her, in missionary, as she moans and cries out, in orgiastic exultation, then continues, with her lying on her side, so that his buddy can throat fuck her, muffling her elated moans. Switching orifices, they bend her over a sofa, as one vehemently pound his monster cock, into her in a standing doggie, while she sucks the other, moaning and yelping, with raw, unbridled, animalistic passions. She then, gets into a cowgirl DP, as both studs, barbarously slam, their virile dicks, into her, as she moans ecstatically. Flipping her over, she enjoys some wild anal reverse cowgirl, before it, becomes another DP, much to her moaning, squealing delight. Once she is in anal doggie, they take turns, barbarically pile driving their titanic tools, into her ass, until one leaves a cream pie, in her ass, and the other, leaves one in her pussy, both of which, slowly ooze out, in thick white rivulets of goo.

Length: Minutes Pics: 94