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Dana's Asshole is Ready

Dana’s a fresh faced, ebullient, dark red haired MILF, porn icon, and confirmed anal queen. She playfully, shows off her succulent body, during a brief Q&A, but when her brawny stud arrives, she rockets into high gear, voraciously sucking his prodigious prick, with wanton, wolfish hunger, and impressive oral virtuosity, effortlessly deep throating him, as she revels, in being face fucked. Lying her down in missionary, he potently plows, his steely shaft, into her bald, garden of lecherous longings, as she shoves, her entire hand, into her mouth, to muffle, her moans and wails, of unchained bestial passions. She then, mounts his fuckpole in cowgirl, as her fine, round ass, zealously humps him, moaning and yelping ecstatically, as she races, to her libidinous Nirvana. Planting her ravenous asshole, onto his prick, in reverse cowgirl, she moans and cries out, in salacious exultation, as he ferociously fires it into her. After gluttonously sucking her ass juice, from his dingus, he powers it into her, in anal doggie, making her moan and howl, like a bitch in heat, while bestowing some awesome gapes upon us. Her reward for a job well done, is a mouthful of creamy cum, which she savors swallowing, with sluttish relish, precociously blowing cum bubbles for the camera.

Length: 28 Minutes Pics: 24